Thanks and giving

As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but Happy Thanksgiving! We hope that your day was full of friends and family and of course way too much turkey and even more wine. I had to work for a few hours in the morning but I’m thankful to be employed and to have a boss who brought us a table full of treats. Something new we had this year was a bread cornucopia, which I think was intended to be the bread bowl, but I ate a little more than half the thing in less than 10 minutes..oops☺️
Did you try anything new this year? What traditions do you have that will never change? Let us know in the comments!




I can’t. I can’t. Literally, I can’t believe that it is November already! And with November comes the countdown to my birthday (29 days) and Christmas (42 days)!!!! Not that I’m asking for presents…but if some packages magically showed up at my door I wouldn’t send them back 😉 I just had a birthday too. Please email me for my mailing address. I like anything expensive. -brad
It’s been an embarrassingly long time since our last post, but I’ve been busy failing at life. Instead of boring you with the details of what I’ve been up to, I figured I would show you some bad iPhone photos from when I went to Nothern Quest, other wise known as #vegasinspokane with my besties since diapers, and beg you to stay tuned for some actually fun posts coming soon!

if you couldn’t tell by my face, I was overjoyed to have won $11.IMG_2040-0.JPG

don’t tell me you’ve never had a champagne party in a hotel parking lot before.IMG_2037-0.JPG

all I can say is that dance floors are dangerous, and I’m thankful to have a nursing student as a best friend. IMG_2074.PNG

no caption is really needed for this one, but if you were wondering, hotel security told us to “stay in your room please” shortly after this was taken. #partypooperIMG_2076.PNG

Xo, lila