Confessions, pt.1

I have a secret to tell you. Please don’t get mad.
We have lied to you. For some reason when “brad” and I started this blog, we thought we should use pretend names because, why not? I think there was a better reason than that but to be honest I can’t remember.
However, since we actually have a few readers (thank you!!!!!) and aren’t very good (ok, are really bad) at posting regularly, we thought it would be a good idea to share our social media accounts with you. I’m about as good at tweeting as I am at blogging, but I at least get out more than 1 tweet a month! So to keep y’all more informed and for us to no longer feel like secret agents here goes…..!!! I, Lila am actually Lisa. And brad is really Braden. The rest of our story is true! We are failed adults in every possible way, we like cats and cars and wine, well Braden likes wine..I’m working on it, and we have been best friends for way too long.
Here’s proof
Then: circa 2011?

Feel free to check us out on Insta& Twitter!
Lisa: instagram & twitter
Braden: instagram & twitter

We leave you with thisvideo. Watch it until you’re not mad that we lied to you.

Xo, Lisa& Braden (formally known as Lila and brad šŸ˜‰)
P.s. I realize some old posts and our meet the adults page will still have our “old” names on them. Please be patient as we update!


One comment

  1. Mel Onary · December 11, 2014

    OMG, once was enough. I forgive you already.


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