Healthy (and actually edible) breakfast smoothie

I heard on the radio that the average person gains six pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years! Was I surprised? Not really. And now I have a reason as to why my favorite skinny jeans are still sitting in the corner where they have been since November when I couldn’t get them to zip.
So when I was at Costco and saw a package for rader farms smoothies, I couldn’t say no. I like fruit and I like smoothies and I really want to wear my favorite jeans again! I also knew I was out of pop tarts (my usual breakfast of choice šŸ˜Œ) so I decided to give it a go. I tried it this morning and it was actually pretty good! My one suggestion would be to maybe blend it a little extra. I had some stringy pieces of kale or spinach that made it hard for me to pretend I was drinking a strawberry milkshake.

What to do:
1. Pour bag of smoothie stuffs into blender
2. Add extra raspberries from fridge because you like raspberries
3. Look in fridge for orange juice
4. Pour 1 cup of water into blender because you can’t find orange juice and water is healthier anyway
5. Add a spoonful or so of protein powder (I begged a barista to sell me some of their un flavored kind, because the year old jug of the stuff I have at my house is cookie flavored and I wasn’t about to go there)
6. Turn on blender
7. Realize you are using the wrong blender blade…spend 10 minutes switching to a better blade
8. Blend blend blend
9. Pour into a glass and drink up, you healthy morning person, you!
Most of these steps are optional. The package directions simply say to blend for 30 seconds with 1 cup of water, but in typical Lisa style I made it a bit more difficult. What kind of smoothies do you like to make? Let us know in the comments!
Xo, Lisa

update! I just realized some people may want to make this smoothie without actually buying the pre-mixed bag! It seems to be an equal amount of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with about a third of it being equal parts kale and spinach. I think it would also be good with an added banana or even some plain frozen yogurt. I guess I need to make a Target run todayšŸ˜‰
1/7 UPDATE:this may be totally silly, but I have discovered the most efficient way to blend this and I just had to share! Put 1 sliced fresh banana in bottom of blender, add protein powder, pour in bag of frozen smoothie stuff, over all of that pour apprx. 1 1/2 cups orange juice and blend! It seems to come out best when I do things in this order šŸ™‚


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