I know, I know. I’m a 22 year old girl posting pictures for “throwback Thursday”…how predictable. BUT it’s a totally necessary throwback to right before Christmas, when the beautiful and talented Christie Jo Ray was brave enough to deal with the cold and our crazyness and take our pictures. The shoot included myself, my fellow failed adult Braden, and our semi-successful friend Bailey C. As someone who is not at all photogenic (proof can be found in every single photo I have posted to this blog so far) I was beyond impressed with the pictures that she was able to get! I also have this great quality where I become extremely awkward as soon as a camera comes my way, yet somehow Christie was able to get me to act like a normal person for a few hours, and it was a really great time. If you are in Washington state and looking for a portrait photographer, I highly recommend you check her out!
Do you have any fun #tbt memories? Share them with me in the comments!
xo, Lisa





It wouldn’t be a true photo shoot without some behind the scenes, right? šŸ˜œ





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