Why work when you can travel

hello- braden here! I exist, Lisa isn’t the only one who blogs. 

I started a recent hobby called never being home. I’m currently in a budget moving truck somewhere in the middle of South Dakota. Headed to Chicago. I have to be there in 12 hours. It’s 11 pm. GPS says I am 13 hours away. Who needs sleep anyway?
My journey started Friday. 

This morning was obviously super rough. Our plan to leave Friday and drive straight to Chicago (28 hours) ended in Montana at 3 am


Today we were stoked to visit Mount Rushmore…

Nature had other plans. I’m sticking to google for my monument seeing from now on. 

Let’s hope Chicago is more fun!



  1. megates509 · April 29, 2015

    i saw Mt. Rushmore when I was about five. Family moving from Northampton, Mass, to Lakewood, Wash. Four kids bouncing around in a station wagon, back in the days when your mom’s arm was the safety restraint system. I like to think that I remember actually seeing the monument.


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