You can’t sit with us. + ANNOUNCEMENT

Prologue: I apologize in advance for the grammar of this post. I managed to turn off spell check. How this is possible, I have no idea. I’m going to blame Braden since he sent me that scary Sanskrit text that everyone has been freaking out about today. My phone has been on the fritz ever sense, I swear. 

Two points to today’s post.

1) I had an incredibly fun and exciting *hint, not fun or exciting* training class today, and everyone I was sitting with was wearing blue and black except for one girl. So being the kind person I am I told her she couldn’t sit with us because she didn’t match, but then I noticed she was wearing pink so I said “oh just kidding since you’re wearing pink and it’s Wednesday I guess you can sit here” and she looked confused so I said “mean girls….?!?!?!?!?” and she said “ohhhhh. Yeah I still don’t know…” and I got incredibly upset and told her that seriously she could not sit with us if she didn’t understand my fave movie reference.

If you were wondering, she sat with us anyway.


Drum roll please.

*drum drum drum drum*

Our Failed Adulthood is adding a family member! That’s right ladies and gents, Braden is finally becoming a daddy!!!!!!!!

Lol no jk.

But, we have decided to allow (aka we begged and begged and offered to pay one million dollars) our SSFBailey to do some guest posts for us! Bailey is a semi successful friend who spends her mornings as a barista to a small local coffee shop *cough 🌟💰 cough*, her days as a teacher-to-be working in elementary school classrooms, and her evenings in the classroom again but as the student, finishing her degree.

This is SSFB.

To say we are excited to have her words grace the pages of this blog is an understatement. Keep an eye out for her maiden voyage aka first post coming soon in the next few days. We hope that you love her as much as we do! If you do, please say nice things about her in the comments. If for some reason you are the weirdest person ever and don’t like her, please let us know by saying nice things about her in the comments.

Happy hump day!

xo, lisa


One comment

  1. megates509 · May 28, 2015

    So excited! Maybe this blog will become worth reading!

    jk, this is already my FAV blog ever. And I look forward to the new B’s first post.

    Love, Mom


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