6 rules for writing a MOH speech

Hello all! I’m the lovely Lisa and bootylicious Braden’s (jk Braden doesn’t have a butt) semi successful friend, bailey. I think semi successful is a bit of a stretch but we’ll go with it.
In the midst of my crazy life, working, schooling, and a bit of teaching, I was asked to be the maid of honor in my long distance best friends wedding. We have been in this long distance friendship for nearly ten years, so what an honor right?!
I must say, being a long distance MOH (maid of honor) is tricky business. Thankfully my friend understood and didn’t expect me to fulfill all my MOH duties, which in case you didn’t know, are quite extensive. Lisa was the absolute best as she spent an entire afternoon watching me try on dress after dress so I could find the perfect bridesmaid dress that fit the requirements of the bride.

The winner! Dress #472
*note, the best of friends will tell you that you can’t wear peach when it’s necessary. Thanks Lisa P.*

The one task I feel most responsible for is giving my MOH speech. Naturally I procrastinated until I was sitting at my layover on the way down to Louisiana.

Rule #1 of writing the perfect speech:

Don’t procrastinate.

|to give me some credit I’ve been brainstorming for months|

Rule #2:

Keep it short but sweet, no one wants to hear you ramble.

Rule #3:

Leave out anything rude, crass, or inappropriate.

The brides grandmother doesn’t want to hear about her drunken escapades and telling the couple you give them three years is just uncalled for. Save the dirty stories for the bachelorette party and keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

Rule #4:

Give a brief history of how you know the bride, tell a funny cute memory, say why you love her and how special you think she is.

Again, don’t ramble on, just something to honor the wonderful bride!

Rule #5:

Talk about the couple.

This is after all a wedding toast, give a funny antidote, talk about their shared love for something, how you knew he was the one because he wanted to spend his honeymoon in Disneyworld with her.

Rule #6:

Finally, wrap up the speech with a blessing, quote, or some sort of well wishing.

My lovely friend and her future hubby love Disney so I picked “Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”

Make it something cute, or heartwarming. Toast to the couple and you’re done!

My recommendation is down your glass of champagne so you feel a bit looser but whatever you do, don’t go up there rip roaring drunk. Keep it classy!
Thanks for reading, check back soon!

xo, B.


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