makeup fail: revlon photoready eye art

Remember way back a hundred million years ago in  this post I told you I would be writing makeup reviews?

And you said “sure Lisa okay sounds good” and then it never happened and you gave up on me forever. well HOLD THE PHONE guys cause here it is!

Revlon photoready eye art in the shade 090 burnished bling
And I’m pissed.

I bought this after looking at it at target approximately 4 times. Now, I don’t usually buy drugstore makeup. I’m not super stuck up about makeup and totally have a collection of drugstore finds (HELLO $3 elf brushes and $5 bb cream!) but I normally stick to what I know, which is sephora and Mac and this purchase just makes me want to stay that way!

I bought it because I’m determined to be able to have a look like this:

Instead of a nice pretty line, I managed to have a glitter ombré going all the way up my lid. EVEN though I used eyeshadow primer. EVEN though I fanned each eyeball to ensure the glitter was dry. EVEN though I used a makeup setting spray. Nope. Wasn’t having it. By the end of the day, I just had a few stray glitter pieces sticking to my eyelashes, and the rest managed to go MIA.

The shadow end of the stick isn’t much better. It’s a pretty metallic color, but applies like shiny poop. does not blend no matter what. It’s literally all or nothing. When I tried to blend it out with a shadow, I just smeared it all off.
Anyway, I’m done complaining but I definitely will not be buying anything revlon any time soon! I had a recent disappointment with their color stay foundation so I’m just a little let down by the brand right now. ALSO if anyone has any recommendations for a good glitter eyeliner, holla at your girl please

Xo, Lisa
PS for more beauty envy like the picture above, click here!



  1. Arielle · June 9, 2015

    Oh no 😦 which one did Shannon used in her video? I love her, she is one of my favourite beauty youtubers ❤


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