13 ways you are a 22 year old grandma 

Hi friends! I’ve been told that I am an old soul. Which I think is a polite way of saying I’m an 80 year old lady in a 22 year old body. But in all honesty I take that as a compliment.

I am proud to be a granny!

Read on to see if you might be a granny too.
1) it takes you a while to get up the morning. not because you aren’t a morning person (although you probably aren’t a morning person either) but because your joints are creaky and stiff.

2) breakfast is a must. keeping your digestive system regular is a top priority.

3) after breakfast snacks are key too. you have blood sugar issues.

4) you can’t go out to the movies because staying awake past the previews is too hard.

5) you actually can’t go out at all, because everything that your friends want to do happens after your bed time.

6) if you do “go out”, it’s probably to go to the early bird special at old country buffet.

7) you spend most of your time knitting sweaters for your 14 cats

8) you knit sweaters for yourself too of course

9) you always bring those sweaters with you wherever you go because you’re always chilly no matter the temperature

10) sometimes when you sneeze you pee a little. NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW from personal experience just guessing on this one………

11) you’ve considered dying your hair gray, not because it’s trendy but because you feel like the outside you should match the inside you

12) you’d never be caught dead without several extra pairs of glasses, tissues, and a pair of comfy shoes for when your cute ones hurt your old lady toes

13) you are happiest when you are cuddled in your robe on your favorite recliner watching jeopardy with your cats-and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
Are you a 22 year old granny too? Tell me about your old lady ways in the comments!

xo, Lisa


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