Amazingly Fresh

Hi and happy hump day! 😉🐫 this has seriously been the THIRD Wednesday in a row that has been terrible. WHAT THE F world?! I need a massage and a sno cone asap.

A couple weeks ago in this Friday 5, i told you about the new juice shop Amazingly Fresh and I realized that I lied to you…oops 🙊 the super yummy bowl that I posted a picture of actually doesn’t have any acai berries at all…my bad.

this is the Dynamic bowl and it’s a smoothie/fro yoish kind of texture of raw pitya (I’m told that’s a kind of cactus? 🌵 whatevs it is it tastes bomb), fresh made almond milk, pineapple, mango, and banana, layered with granola and topped with sliced bananas, berries (kind varies), and a drizzle of agave.

I’m lame and have only tried the Dynamic bowl because I’m afraid of change, but SSFBailey has been brave and adventurous and has tried some of the other ones!

This is the Satisfied bowl which is the thick smoothie mix stuff of fresh almond milk, acai berries (FOR REAL this time), PB2, banana, and berries over granola finished with banana, berries, and agave drizzle. Bailey added protein because she’s a good person and had just gone to the gym.

Where the dynamic is a super fresh, kind of bright (can you describe a food with the word bright? Hope so cause I’m doin it) the satisfied is like it sounds, satisfying and feels a little bit more like a meal.

In the first picture is a full bowl and it was a nice price of $9.99, the second picture is a half bowl and it’s $7.99. I don’t know why I get so freaked out about the price, don’t get me wrong these babies are freaking g o o d, but I have a hard time paying almost an hours worth of work for one meal 😁

The cool thing though is that they do have an app where you can earn points for every purchase and get a free bowl or smoothie! Just search perka app at the App Store, or click here.

I really hope if you’re in the 99353 that you’ll go check it out! They have a bunch of other stuff too, like Papua coffee, fresh juices, shots (not alcoholic sorry, but I have a feeling that the Strong shot of tumeric and cayenne goes down as smooth as tequila 😉), smoothies and protein drinks, and made to order sandwiches! The staff is really friendly too which as a person who has worked foreva in customer service I really appreciate!
I talked to some of the people there, and although they don’t have a typical website, they encourage everyone to check out their instagram @amazinglyfreshjuicebar

Xo, Lisa


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