Becca + Jaclyn Hill {Champagne Pop}

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed

photo by: runninglipstickqueen_

  • the box it comes in is sooo cute, but I’m not a huge fan of the actual product packaging. it’s pretty much exactly the same as all of the other Becca highlighters, but I don’t like how the middle is the shiny metal. I just don’t like how it so easily shows fingerprints and other stuff. it’s a very minor detail, i know, i know.
  • it’s a high-end product, so i may have teared up a bit at the price ($38, please don’t judge me mom), but a little goes a long way.
  • i found this a little hard to blend. i applied it with a small brush, and then took a big blush brush to blend it out so that could have been the reason why. even after blending for what felt like forever (IRL probably 15 seconds) i felt like it was still a little bit streaky. to fix this i just applied a bit more directly from the big fluffy blush and all streaks went away.
  • i don’t have any other Becca highlighters, but according to Jaclyn it’s the same formula as the others, just her customized color. Which speaking of the color, I’m in LOOOVE. She has said that she designed it with many skin tones in mind and I really do think that is true. My skin is decently tan for the summer, and has yellow undertones. On my skin, I don’t really see it when I look at myself head on in the mirror, but when I turn and get a catch of the light it really glows. my sister has more pink undertones, so i’m curious to see what this looks like on her. we have totally opposite work schedules right now, but i’ll be sure to update this post once she tries it! Jaclyn’s sister is a blogger with very fair skin, and it looks gorgeous on her! if you want to see her pictures and read her thoughts, click here.
  • final thoughts: i’m very happy with this purchase. it’s creamy and buildable which is a huge plus for me! on days that i’m not wearing much makeup I can just throw this on my cheekbones and call it good, and on days that i’m a little more dressed up i can easily layer the product for a more dramatic look. it has just enough glitter to catch the light, but i didn’t experience any fallout. to be honest, i originally just bought it because I’m a longtime fan of Jaclyn’s, and I just wanted to support her. but I will definitely be keeping this close by and using it often. #highlightonfleek

photo by: runninglipstickqueen_ comparison of similar colored highlights from her collection

left side: nighttime indoor lighting, top-champagne pop, bottom-naked basics. right side: daytime natural lighting on my coworker, top-champagne pop, bottom-the balm mary lou

Did you buy Champagne Pop? Do you have any other Becca highlighters? What highlighters do you use? Let me know!
not sure how to apply highlighter?

in-depth video: here
brief video: here


To start off, I am so crazy excited to have written this post! As I mentioned in this post a few days ago, I’m taking an online blogging class to sharpen my skillz, and today’s assignment is to write a post we want our ideal audience member to read. OBVIOUSLY being the mega super fan of Jaclyn Hill that I am, I want her to read this post. Ya hear me Jaclyn? Yaaaas!

p.s. as you saw above, some of the pictures in this post are from the beautiful & uber talented Rosie (aka runninglipstickqueen_ on instagram). I’m so happy about this because 1: she has captured the glow of Champagne Pop better than I could ever dream of doing and, 2: she, like me, is a 20something living in the PNW. I love having the opportunity to work with local gals like myself who are in the beginning stages of sharing ourselves with the world. Be sure to check her out and show her some love.


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