Sunday stuff 

Give me a piece of bread and something to dip it in and I’m a happy girl. Give it to me for less than $6 and I’m a happy girl who doesn’t have to use her credit card.

I love blueberries so much that I bought an entire case of them. The fact that I’ve managed to eat all but three boxes in less than 5 days is something I’m both proud and embarrassed about.

I’m having some circulation problems. This isn’t a new issue, but one that is getting worse. I’ve tried compression socks, sitting all day, standing all day, electro therapy, and frequent elevation but nothing seems to help. I’m getting an ultrasound in a few weeks, but any suggestions on how to make my legs not be numb and swollen from knees to toes would be greatly appreciated.

THIS DRINK IS LIFE. Stop reading right now and go try it. You’re welcome.

They say as you age you realize how much you are like your mother. Well clearly that time has come. Matching outfits and all.

How did you spend your weekend?
xo, lisa


One comment

  1. megates509 · July 20, 2015

    I thought it was an episode of Who Wore it Better. You won. No contest! (Funny that Princess is in purple too 🙂


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