Back to the Nest

Semi Successful Friend Bailey, here again just being a Semi Success. With a huge emphasis on the semi…
And not to brag or boast, but until about a month ago, I was killing it at being an adult, and I’m not lying here.

I was working hard in school, getting good grades, bustling at work, managing a decent balance between work and my social life, but the best part? I had the dream apartment.

It was the most adorable studio apartment with a washer and dryer in unit.

*Note the sense of adult in appreciating things like having a washer and dryer in unit.

I was living on my own and it was a dream. The apartment was decorated exactly the way I wanted it to be, the only mess was my own, I didn’t have to share a bathroom, and I could walk around with no pants on. And trust me, I took full advantage of that last one.
Lisa here! That last part is so true…I’ve been an accidental witness to it many times. No pants + unlocked door = trouble. 
As Lisa may have mentioned, I’m working on becoming a teacher. I’m in the home stretch and am about to start student teaching. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, student teaching is a 15 week period in which you work full time as a teacher with the added bonus, you don’t get paid!
Yes, that’s right. No income for 15 weeks while working full time. It’s a crime if you ask me. Sadly no one appears to be asking. So obviously there is no way around it. But I’m a grown up! I spent my time crunching numbers, and figured with my current paycheck coupled with my tax return, I could save up enough money to get me through the upcoming dry spell and continue living in my perfect apartment.

Then tragedy struck.

My apartment managers had the audacity to raise my rent $200 a month. Completely unreasonable for the 525 square foot room I inhabited. Yes, it was a perfect apartment but that was too extreme. After some careful consideration, I realized my only option was to move back in with my parents.
Let me tell you about the immense emotional baggage that comes along with the feeling of failed adulthood you experience when one has to move back home.

Here are the things I have found about living back at home:
•Pants are a must. You can’t walk around your dad with no pants on.

•You must pee with the bathroom door closed. Also, awkward moments ensue when you are sitting on the toilet and your dad walks by.

•Having gentlemen friends over is awkward. No more grown up sleepovers.

•Any mess you want to leave behind, don’t. The feeling of being a guest in the house runs deep.

•Suddenly your parents start treating you like a child again, telling you how to properly answer the door without letting the dogs out, how to completely wash your dish off before putting it in the dishwasher, and reminding you to not to stay out too late.
However, There are some advantages to living back at home as an adult.
•You can join in cocktail hour with your parents, especially great when your stepmom is on a kick where she wants to work her way through a book of drink recipes. Free booze!

•They make you dinner every night, or at least include extra food when they ordered out. Free food. And bonus, on the mornings I don’t work at 3:30 a.m., they make me breakfast!

•Whenever they are doing laundry, they ask if I have anything I need washed. Hello, someone else doing my laundry, dream!
So, after a month of living back at home, I have decided that it is not so bad. The feeling of failure has lifted just enough for me to realize this is temporary. Maybe it’s just the honeymoon phase of the living situation but so far it hasn’t been so bad. And it is motivation to finish up school and get back to living in a place where pants are optional.
Many of you who have to move back home may not have my dreamy situation, and you may not have a ton of hospitality but all that should just drive you to getting back on your feet faster. Work your way back to being semi successful! You’ve got this.

*bonus of moving back home, this view is much better than my apartment parking lot


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