Shake It Off

Hi. It’s Braden. I’m a real person. Even though I never write anything, even after Lisa texts me like 10 times a day telling me to. Anyways, I went on a trip and here is my summary of how awesome I am it was.

I’d like to say I had an amazing weekend of traveling and seeing Taylor Swift.


And I did succeed in seeing her! But a funny thing happens when your day starts with hiding beer in a coffee cup at 10 am, you start with these great intentions of seeing the city, and you end up buying new clothes, climbing trees, and jumping in a fountain and chasing a skunk around downtown barefoot at 2 am.


But I won’t let that get me down, I can shake it off. I didn’t get arrested, banned from Canada, or sprayed by a skunk. So I call it a win.

Like any good vacation, it started with a stop for refreshments from Bale Breaker (probably one of the BEST breweries in the PNW, if you’re ever around Yakima make sure to go there!)


From there we ventured onto the greatest country north of the continental US.

In this magical land of Canada, we discovered something very exciting. Canada (or at least Vancouver) LOVES bulk alcohol. Everywhere you go there are options for buying in bulk instead of by the glass.


(this was the best seafood poutine, and a fishbowl of drink)


(note: canadians are the nicest. and don’t judge when you ask your waitress “pardon, would you judge us if we asked you to take out picture drinking right from the pitcher?”)

At our lovely hotel, we ended up on the top floor club level, which included the club lounge with a free happy hour, thanks Canada! (and also had these sweet robes that I basically refused to ever take off)


It was Pride in Vancouver, so to end the journey  we had to go find the rainbow crosswalks in Davie’s Village


PS. If you hate having unread notifications on your phone as much as I do, you will feel my pain. I’ve been back for a few days already and trying to get through marking all these notifications as read. #thestruggle




  1. megates509 · August 7, 2015

    Looks like fun. You should post more often!
    PS I can speak Canadian, so let me know if you need company on your next trip North.

    Liked by 1 person

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