Friday 5


Braden and I are still recovering from the last weekend’s festivities at Watershed and Taylor Swift. Word to the wise aka you young people:  enjoy your youth!!!!! Being old is hard and I’m learning that I can’t stay up past 10 without a weeks worth of serious consequences, dang it. I will be spending the weekend in bed napping not doing laundry. Do you have any fun weekend plans? Let us know in the comments!

Okay so, I SWEAR I already talked about this planner. But I couldn’t find it in the one post I thought I had posted it to so my apologies if you’ve already seen this but it just proves how much I love it! As you can tell by the above sentences, I’m a tad disorganized at times. If it’s not written down in my planner, it doesn’t happen. I love Lilly Pulitzer planners because they are so pretty and the jumbo ones have lots of space for my 34 pt. size handwriting.

I’m a sucker for graphic tees. I blame it on the fact that I worked at the inventor of graphic tees (Abercrombie & Fitch) in high school. Old habits die hard. Semi successful friend Bailey sent me a link to this website and I NEED THEM ALL! These four are my favorite but they are honestly all so funny I could die.

One of the things about dating an extremely handsome outdoorsy man is that our rare moments of time off together are spent doing extremely rugged outdoorsy activities. Josh got a little boat chair for me and I basically just spend the day sitting in it pretending to know what I’m doing. I have actually spent so much time doing that this summer that I’m accidentally catching quite a few fish now! I think I might be kind of good at it???

Ever since my pretend best friend (see below) Kate posted this recipe for taco salad I’ve been CRAVING it. Like its kind of all that I’ve been able to think about. But to make it would have meant, you know, cooking. So instead I heated up a bowl of Campbell’s chicken enchilada soup and called it good. I have also been eating grapes non-stop this week. Plus I feel like food pictures are hip and stuff so I just had to share this and pretend I’m cool for a second.
*note: remember that one boy in high school who you loved and he didn’t know you existed? That’s my relationship with Kate of The Small Things Blog. Sigh…

You know the drill. Listen to these now, thank me later.

Happy weekend!
xo, Lisa


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