Farmers Market

I usually like to spend my Sunday’s being as lazy as possible, but today I switched it up by having brunch with family and friends, followed by a trip to the farmers market!

Can we just talk about how freaking delicious this looks! -peach muffins -everything bagels -smoked salmon -fruit salad, and of course present, but not pictured, mimosas! Our groups mimosa preferences ranged from 100% OJ to 100% champagne, so we decided to look up mimosa recipes. Much to my mom’s delight, the “official” ratio is 1/3 oj to 2/3 champagne, but feel free to customize as you please! I know I will 😉

After that I head out to the farmers market! This particular one is less than 10 minutes from my house, is big enough to make it worth the trip, but small enough that I can still see everything and not spend all my money.

Today’s selection was pretty good! There were several booths of beautiful smelling and looking fruits and veggies, kettle corn, and even hand-made quilts!

There is something so great about fresh flowers. I don’t care who you are or what the occasion is, flowers are the perfect gift! If I had my way, I would have tossed them my credit card and loaded all of these beauties into the back of my car.

Along with diet coke, another one of my strange obsessions is honey sticks. They come in almost 20 different flavors, but I’m a creature of habit and just get the plain ol’ honey every time.

I made the mistake of only getting 24, and in the 2 hours since I’ve been home I think I’m down to about 9.  The fact that I have to wait til next Sunday to get more is seriously heart breaking.

My favorite stop was at the Frost Me Sweet cupcake truck!

When I was going to school at WSU Tri Cities, I would stop at Frost Me Sweet preeety much every single day. Although I’ve never met a cupcake I didn’t like, clearly some are better than others, and these are definitely at the top of my list. Every flavor is sweet enough to be a treat, but not so much that you’re left with a toothache afterwards.

Everyone that works there is so nice, and I never feel rushed or pressured, even when I stand in front of the case for 15 minutes trying to decide which flavor combination I want to try, which is an impossible task because they have SO MANY (over 250!) and they are all soo good.

Today I got the almond joy. Some of my other favorites are -marshmallow cream -Elvis (chocolate, banana & peanut butter) -maple bacon and -red velvet

What is your favorite cupcake flavor? Let us know in the comments!

xo, lisa



  1. megates509 · August 10, 2015

    Pretty sly. I didn’t notice you taking pictures of our meal. And it was Delish! Along with delightful company of our dear neighbor-friends, we finished off with savoring our mimosas in the shady backyard with the neighbor’s cat, Tevia, who used to be my book club host’s cat. But that is another story.

    My favorite cupcake is any version of not-too-sweet, whole-grain muffin with fruit.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dmolleson · August 10, 2015

    I would have bought all those flowers too. Lovely post. Thanks for the brunch photo and the great company.


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