Tipsy Toes

To be a 20 something woman, there are two things you are supposed to love more than anything else: 

  • wine
  • pedicures

To be a 20 something woman on a budget, there are two things you definitely love more than anything else:

  • free wine
  • pedicures that are 20% off

Thanks to a tweet from my fellow neighbor / blog friend Sarah I found a new nail salon that offers both!

They are called T20 Nails&Spa and they are right next to the Starbucks on G-Way. If you don’t know what street that is you are lucky to live in a bigger city than I do.

T20 is basically a salon + wine bar, which is a pretty cool concept! But besides that added bonus, it is also a really nice salon. Even the most basic pedicure was very relaxing, the technicians were easy to understand and funny! They were seriously giving my sister tips on how to avoid a hangover, which is something I would never have expected to come along with a pedi.

I wish I had pictures to show you but in classic Lisa style I managed to not have enough storage on my phone 😑

I did take some pictures of the finished product once I got home and deleted 13 pictures of cats.

Fair warning…I would never be picked as a hand or foot model but here ya go!

If you live in the tri cities I seriously recommend you check them out! And do it soon! The free wine and 20% discount won’t last long.

xo, Lisa


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