Friday 5

Last week a bunch of people my mom noticed the lack of Friday 5 and was actually really sad! So my apologies to everyone (mom) for that. But I’m back and with a shiny new cover photo! Everything is better with glitter, right?

Let’s get to it!


I wish I could say that I never do those quizzes that you see on Facebook, etc…but that would be a lie and we’re all about honesty here at Our Failed Adulthood. No joke I could slash have spent way longer than necessary on buzzfeed finding out what city I’m meant to live in and what my name would be if I was a boy born in 1872. I didn’t need a quiz to tell me that Semi Successful Friend Bailey is my soulmate, but it’s cool that facebook agrees.

I haven’t given up on my attempts to master macarons! Although I’m pretty much failing, the good thing about these tricky cookies is that even when they are bad, they are sooo good. This was my attempt to make them into heart shapes. Yes the key word here is attempt…

The reason for the failed attempt at heart shaped cookies was because we had two birthdays this past week! Both my grandma and my favorite little sister were born on the 18th (a few years apart, obvs). Jackie beat teenage pregnancy and became an official grown up by turning 20 this year! It makes me feel older than old that my LITTLE SISTER is 20. Like, what? How? NOT okay. And my grandma turned 83! This past year has been a really rough one for her, with two broken hips, a case of pneumonia, and her daily battles with rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease but she is still kickin and looking so cute while doing it!

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you already know my love for Amazingly Fresh juice bar. I was feeling brave yesterday and instead of my usual smoothie bowl, I thought I would try the Coconut Chia pudding. I feel bad saying this because I love Amazingly Fresh but I was super disappointed by this pudding! It just tasted really bland and for some reason was super slimy. I’ve never had chia seeds in anything besides smoothies so maybe that’s just how they are?? If you have good recipes for making chia seeds yummy that’s not a smoothie please let me know! They are one of those things that I really want to like, does that make sense? haha.

Another thing you regular readers will know is that I like to include my favorite songs of the week every Friday! I thought it would be fun to post videos so you can listen to them without having to look them up yourselves. I’m so considerate, I know 😉 Do you like the video or do you prefer the picture like usual?

Bonus / obligatory pictures of my pets because they’re so stinkin cute!

Have a great weekend!

xo, lisa


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