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I’ve been confused all week. Something about having the day off on Monday has just had me all sorts of crazy. I was driving to work yesterday morning brainstorming ideas for my Motivational Monday post and it wasn’t until I got to work that I realized it was Tuesday. Then today felt like a Thursday. Ugh. If I make a petition for two day work weeks and five day weekends, will you sign it for me?

How was your holiday weekend? I spent Saturday getting rained on for the sake of folk music, and some of Sunday + all day Monday watching Netflix……sad I know BUT Josh and I discovered the new Netflix show Narcos and OH MY GOSH it is good. Never in a million years did I think it would be a show I would like but something about it got my hooked. I highly recommend you watch it but only if you have about 10 hours to kill because once you start it you probably won’t be able to stop.

I wish that I had something of substance else for you, but it’s all in draft mode where it will probably sit until Sunday when I sit down and force myself to be blog productive. But if you decide to stick around (please do) I promise I have so much fun stuff coming!

  • tips for how to survive school at any grade level
  • how to be a smart shopper so there is food in the fridge and money in the bank
  • easy(ish) home remodels
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS involving houses and puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • what happens when you put salad dressing in your hair on purpose
  • skin care routine
  • hair care routine
  • chia pudding that isn’t gross

xo, lisa



  1. Kat · September 10, 2015

    I’m gonna have to check out Narcos. I’ve been seeing it a lot this week ☺️


    • ourfailedadulthood · September 10, 2015

      Do it!! They have a couple previews for it so definitely watch those and see what you think! The one downside is that it is definitely PG13 just so you know!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kat · September 11, 2015

        I’ll check it out during the weekend.. work is driving me crazy I’ll need to unwind 😉


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