DIY: avocado hair mask 

Wanna talk first world problems? Keeping long hair pretty and soft.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how many trims I get, those split ends keep showin up. Since I have pretty thin hair, it can be hard to use daily deep conditioners and leave in creams without making my hair dull and weighed down. Plus, I’m part of the no ‘poo trend (not the baking soda one, the I’m lazy and only get my hair wet twice a week one).

Today I had mountains of laundry to put away, and a sink full of dirty dishes. So it was the perfect day to do none of that and make my own deep conditioning treatment instead!

•1/2 ripe avocado

•several squeezes of honey

•1-2 glugs of olive oil

•1 egg
Mash/stir/mix together until it looks gross or somewhat like this

Put on damp hair focusing on the ends or any areas that need a little extra love.

 Wrap it all up in plastic wrap and a towel and relax! I watched makeup videos on YouTube because that’s been my guilty pleasure lately!

I let it cook for 45 minutes. No specific reason for that amount of time other than I was starting to get avocado chunks sliding down my face and I wasn’t really in the mood for that.
To remove: I washed it out with conditioner, and then shampooed and conditioned as usual.

I would suggest using some kind of drain cover to catch any avocado chunks unless you have a better shower drain system than I do 😉

 That’s pretty much it! I’m pleased with the results, but not sure how often I’ll actually be using this mask.
What do you use to keep your hair soft and strong? Let me know in the comments!
xo, Lisa



  1. aboyd85 · September 21, 2015

    My hair isn’t long, but it’s not very healthy… I might have to give it a try! The results are great!


    • ourfailedadulthood · September 21, 2015

      Thank you 🙂 I was super impressed by my results! Another thing I like to do is put coconut oil in my hair for about 20 minutes before I shower and then wash as usual to rinse out. If you try either one let me know how it goes!!


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