Farmers Market

I usually like to spend my Sunday’s being as lazy as possible, but today I switched it up by having brunch with family and friends, followed by a trip to the farmers market!

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Sunday stuff 

Give me a piece of bread and something to dip it in and I’m a happy girl. Give it to me for less than $6 and I’m a happy girl who doesn’t have to use her credit card.

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Hoppy Easter | rants + recipes |

No, that’s not a typo. I definitely just titled this hoppy Easter because I am a child. Also I am really upset that my mom didn’t get me a bunny this year 😒🐰
I hope that however you celebrated it was the best day ever. We had a family dinner with my mom, dad, sista, aunt, and grandma. We even snuck my pretend grandpa (long story, just go with it) out from rehab where he is recovering from heart surgery. Besides a bit of family drama–and it wouldn’t be a holiday without family drama, amiright, it was a pretty good day!
For the first time in 22 years we didn’t dye eggs, which was kind of weird. But I hate the smell of vinegar and always spill the dye so I’m not too upset about it. Also for the first time in 22 years, I made Easter dinner. Yep, little failed adult Lisa cooked a solid meal. And it wasn’t half bad. IMG_2762.JPG
Honey apricot glazed ham, twice baked potatoes, garlic salt green beans, Hawaiian rolls, and of course my trusty diet coke in my Lilly Pulitzer koozie. *side note, LP has a mini collection coming to target at the end of April. I am dead. Bye bye all my money.*

what you need: 1 5 pound ham, 1/2 cup honey, 3oz thawed orange juice concentrate, 3 tbs soy sauce, 3 tbs apricot jam, 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg, 1/8 tsp ground cloves
what you do: cover ham with foil and put in oven heated to 325, for 30 minutes. while ham is cooking, mix together remaining ingredients. after 30 min, spoodle (spoon, pour, whatever I just like the word spoodle ☺️) the glaze over the ham and put back in the oven for another 30 minutes. Done!
This recipe slightly adjusted from this book.

what you need: an awesome chef for an aunt.
what you do: tell her to make her famous twice baked potatoes.
p.s. I’m working on getting the secret recipe for these. I’ll update when I can!

what you need: for the cake: box of cake mix, cute little carrots or other Easter decoration because we’re fancy like that. for the whipped cream: 1-2 cartons of heavy whipping cream, depending on the size of the carton and how much you like whip cream, dash of vanilla extract, 2 1/2ish spoonfuls of powdered sugar. for the not pictured strawberries: strawberries, sugar.
what you do: mix cake according to the box. serious note..the box has very specific instructions on the size of your pan, trust them. While the cake is baking, mix all of the whip cream stuffs into a bowl and blend until fluffy or your arm hurts. Cut up the strawberries and mix them with sugar.

What did you guys have for Easter dinner? Let me know in the comments!
xo, Lisa

Here is a bonus picture just for fun. My aunt thought that my eastern sweater said Easter, and then my mom wanted to take a picture of me standing proudly in front of my first ham. Excuse the fact that I look like I haven’t showered or slept in 8 years.


Tie-dye cupcakes

My boss (or HBIC, as we like to call her😉) had her birthday this past week. Since I have virtually no birthday recognition thanks to being born in December, I like to celebrate other people’s birthdays extra hard. Plus I really like the excuse to have a party at work instead of, you know, working.
I was going to write a long and boring detailed post telling you how to re-create the amazing cupcakes I made. But that would probably take about as long as it took me to make the dang things. So here are some pictures of the process with some tips and tricks to help you follow along:

1) buy a box of cake mix//make your own if you are more of a successful adult than I amIMG_2597.JPG
2)divide mixed mix (that’s awkward, sorry ’bout it) into 5 bowls, and dye four of them whatever colors your little heart desires. *when baked my purple looked a little more..gray. If you use purple maybe make it a little more purple-y than mine.


3) layer colors as shown or however you want. Then take a toothpick and swirl!



4) bake as directed, admire your work, decorate, and you’re done!




Rainbow sugar cookies

Today I had a pile of laundry the size of Mt. Everest to be washed, two chapters of anatomy to be read (to be tested on tomorrow), two dogs begging for a walk, groceries to be bought, and a bathroom to be cleaned. Guess how much of that I got done? No really, take a guess.
If you guessed none of it you would be correct. Oops?

Instead I put on my Betty Crocker hat and spent 2 hours making RAINBOW SWIRL SUGAR COOKIES
Normally my baking skills are less than awesome. I’ve been known to use salt instead of sugar, double the butter but nothing else, you get the idea. But these were pretty dang good. Here is proof in the form of a text from the bf after I dropped some off at his work
He is obviously the one who does most all of the cooking around here.

Do you have any fun and easy recipes to share? Let me know in the comments!

Xo, Lisa

Healthy (and actually edible) breakfast smoothie

I heard on the radio that the average person gains six pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years! Was I surprised? Not really. And now I have a reason as to why my favorite skinny jeans are still sitting in the corner where they have been since November when I couldn’t get them to zip.
So when I was at Costco and saw a package for rader farms smoothies, I couldn’t say no. I like fruit and I like smoothies and I really want to wear my favorite jeans again! I also knew I was out of pop tarts (my usual breakfast of choice 😌) so I decided to give it a go. I tried it this morning and it was actually pretty good! My one suggestion would be to maybe blend it a little extra. I had some stringy pieces of kale or spinach that made it hard for me to pretend I was drinking a strawberry milkshake.

What to do:
1. Pour bag of smoothie stuffs into blender
2. Add extra raspberries from fridge because you like raspberries
3. Look in fridge for orange juice
4. Pour 1 cup of water into blender because you can’t find orange juice and water is healthier anyway
5. Add a spoonful or so of protein powder (I begged a barista to sell me some of their un flavored kind, because the year old jug of the stuff I have at my house is cookie flavored and I wasn’t about to go there)
6. Turn on blender
7. Realize you are using the wrong blender blade…spend 10 minutes switching to a better blade
8. Blend blend blend
9. Pour into a glass and drink up, you healthy morning person, you!
Most of these steps are optional. The package directions simply say to blend for 30 seconds with 1 cup of water, but in typical Lisa style I made it a bit more difficult. What kind of smoothies do you like to make? Let us know in the comments!
Xo, Lisa

update! I just realized some people may want to make this smoothie without actually buying the pre-mixed bag! It seems to be an equal amount of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with about a third of it being equal parts kale and spinach. I think it would also be good with an added banana or even some plain frozen yogurt. I guess I need to make a Target run today😉
1/7 UPDATE:this may be totally silly, but I have discovered the most efficient way to blend this and I just had to share! Put 1 sliced fresh banana in bottom of blender, add protein powder, pour in bag of frozen smoothie stuff, over all of that pour apprx. 1 1/2 cups orange juice and blend! It seems to come out best when I do things in this order 🙂