Shake It Off

Hi. It’s Braden. I’m a real person. Even though I never write anything, even after Lisa texts me like 10 times a day telling me to. Anyways, I went on a trip and here is my summary of how awesome I am it was.

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Round 3

I’m back! Small confession, I actually left the Gorge on Saturday, instead of Monday like I was planning. I think I’m getting old, because oh my gosh; camping for days in a grassy field in the middle of summer is rough!

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Back to the Nest

Semi Successful Friend Bailey, here again just being a Semi Success. With a huge emphasis on the semi…
And not to brag or boast, but until about a month ago, I was killing it at being an adult, and I’m not lying here.

I was working hard in school, getting good grades, bustling at work, managing a decent balance between work and my social life, but the best part? I had the dream apartment.

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The First Date 2.0

Can you believe it has been almost a year (okay, 9 months but STILL) since we wrote our very first post, The First Date, on this blog? In some ways, it feels like it has been forever since that day, but in other ways it feels like just yesterday that Braden& I decided to “become bloggers”. At that point, we really had noo idea what we were doing. Just 2 baristas trying to get through days that started at 2:30am without killing anyone. When we started this blog we thought we would go by fake names. Why? I don’t remember. I think I have found all of the posts with those “alter-egos” if you will, but feel free to give me a shout out if you find an archived post that I missed.

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