The Failed Adults


Our Failed Adulthood is a lifestyle blog written by two awesome former corporate sellout baristas who somehow managed to find themselves in the grown up world of banking and marketing. We’re just trying to get through adult life in the PNW, one day and one bottle of wine at a time.

Braden: is a tall skinny man who is about to turn 22 for the fourth time. He enjoys long bike rides in the rain, beer, and bacon wrapped dates. In his spare time he likes to drink too much wine and impulsively buy cars..seriously, he’s an official car collector. Expect to see posts from him about road trips, beer festivals, and if we are being honest probably some fashion stuff too, because he has class. And lots of credit cards.

Lisa: is short and blonde and is 22 going on 30. She likes to nap and watch reality tv. Her obsessions include diet coke and animals of any kind except for spiders. When she’s not sleeping you can find her in the corner crocheting beer bottle cozies and snuggling with one of her 5 cats. She likes to think her posts will include fabulous recipes, 5-star makeup reviews, and hair tutorials (think, how to make your hair look o.k. when you haven’t washed it in a week)

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you stick around and enjoy learning about what not to do to succeed in life.

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  3. Shafali · July 13, 2015

    I’d love to learn how to make my hair look ok when I haven’t washed it in a week šŸ™‚ Awesome intro šŸ™‚


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