I told you in this post a while ago how much I love love love macarons.
Usually I get them from my former HBIC Ashleigh who is the macaron making pro.

However, today I had lots of errands to run and chapters to read and homework to do, so I decided to embark on a 4 hour process and make some myself instead!
Side note: it took me an extra long time because I had to go to the store for ingredients..twice. And also because I may have interrupted the process by watching an episode (or two) of Gilmore Girls. Oops! If you decide to tackle the task of making macarons, it shouldn’t take you quite that long.

Ashleigh is mean and won’t give me her secret recipie for macarons from the gods, but she was kind enough to share a recipe for cookie dough filling and OH MY GOD is this stuff good. I accidentally had juuuust enough left over that it would have been silly to save, but wasteful to throw away, so of course I had no choice but to scrape the bowl and eat it by the spoonful.
As for the actuall macaron recipe, I dug around Pinterest and found an overwhelming amount of variations. I used this one, and this one.

I failed as a blogger and didn’t take any pictures along the way, but I did manage to snag a picture of the final product!

I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty dang impressed with myself! They are without a doubt way over-cooked, and they aren’t as “fluffy” as I was imagining they would be. When I posted a picture on my instagram, my cousin-who just so happens to be a graduate of the CIA and head chef at a fancy restaurant in NYC-commented and said that my “foot” needs work, and to make that happen by banging the cookie sheets a couple times on the counter before putting them in the oven. So if you try these out, make sure you do that!

Have you ever made macarons before? Did you succeed or fail? If you have any tips or tricks, or things to definitely not do, please let me know in the comments! I will absolutely be making these again soon šŸ˜‹
xo, Lisa

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